How to Get Your Cash Back Buyer Rebate

Are you ready to buy a home? Do you have an experienced buyer’s agent working on your side, guiding you through the home buying process? As an experienced Buyers agent, I know just how complicated and intimidating buying a home can be! My Cash Back Buyer Rebate program provides you with full service representation and includes everything you would expect from experienced professionals. I provide full-service representation at a discounted rate, because I believe that saving money doesn’t mean compromising quality.

When you use me as your Buyer's Agent, I will give you up to 25% of the commission that I earn in the transaction. This commission is being paid to me by the Seller, through the Sellers agent.

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Why Do I Refund My Commission to My Buyer Clients?

Every real estate broker will tell you they can help you find the home of your dreams,

Every real estate broker will tell you they have lots of experience,

Every real estate broker will tell you “I work for you”.

Since every real estate broker will tell you those things, I decided to set myself apart from everyone else and do something that every real estate broker will NOT tell you or do and that is offer buyers who agree to work with me a CASH BACK BUYER REBATE up to 25%.

The truth is you can’t lump all real estate brokers into one category. Not ALL real estate brokers have the ability or would even be willing to give you part of their commission. I am different!

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How a Typical Home Sale works

  1. Seller lists their property with a real estate broker (this agent is known as the Seller's agent, or Listing Broker).
  2. Usually, a different agent (this agent is known as the Buyer's agent or Selling Broker), brings a buyer to purchase the house.
  3. For bringing this buyer to the Seller, the Buyer's agent earns a commission (example 3%) of the purchase price, which is being paid by the Seller.
  4. You, as the Buyer receive NOTHING.

How a Home Sale with My Cash Back Buyer Rebate program works

  1. A) Sales Price of House $300,000 x 6% Commission = $18,000 total commission paid by Seller to Seller’s agent.
  2. B) Sellers agent pays half of this commission to Buyer's agent: $18,000 x 1/2 = $9,000 to Buyer's agent.
  3. C) Buyers agent, ME, earns $9,000 commission. I then share up to 25% of that $9,000 commission with you, my Buyer Client.
  4. D) You, my Buyer Client, receive $2,250 cash back! (25% of $9,000)

It’s that simple; when you use me as your Exclusive Personal Buyers Agent you will receive cash back up to 25%!! 

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North Carolina Real Estate Commission Guidelines

In order for Prime Real Estate Solutions, LLC to receive the Buyer’s Agent commission, the NC Real Estate Commission rule states we must be the first "point-of-contact" for each property you are considering buying. This means that you cannot contact the Sellers agent directly to talk with them about the property, then call me later and say that you want to buy the property with me as your Buyers agent. If you did contact the Sellers agent directly already, then that Sellers agent would be entitled to the entire listing commission. You would NOT receive any commission refund from that Sellers agent.

Prime Real Estate Solutions, LLC must have on file a signed Buyers Agency Agreement for each of our Buyer-Clients in order to receive the Cash Back Buyer Rebate. This agreement allows us to represent your best interests, and receive the Buyer’s Agent commission in your transaction, as long as we were the first "point-of-contact".

Our Buyer-Clients must identify themselves as being represented by Prime Real Estate Solutions, LLC at any open houses they attend. You are free to attend Open Houses, but don’t forget to tell agents that you are represented by Prime Real Estate Solutions, LLC. Give them my business card and do not sign-in or provide any information to the Agent working at the open house.

Steps To Get Your Cash Back Buyer Rebate

I make it easy for you to get a Cash Back Buyer Rebate when you buy a home using me as your personal Exclusive Buyers Agent. Through our pre-arranged Cash Back Buyer Rebate agreement, you receive a rebate up to 25% of my commission. To qualify, your purchase price must be greater than $100,000. Getting a Cash Back Buyer Rebate through Prime Real Estate Solutions, LLC is easy, here is how it works:

1) Complete the form below indicating where you’d like to buy a home.

2) Within 24 business hours, I will be in touch with you.

3) Finally, I work with you as your full service Exclusive Buyers Agent through the normal process of buying your home.

4) Within 1 week after closing or at the time of settlement (depends on the lender) you will receive a rebate up to 25% of the commission earned by me.

It’s really that simple. No trying to negotiate with agents for rebates or limited or reduced services. You work with me, a full service agent from start to finish.

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Your Responsibilities

  • You must be ready to close within 90 days of signing our Buyers agency agreement (unless it’s new construction)
  • You must be Pre-Approved with a Mortgage Lender or Bank, and provide me with the Pre-Approval Letter. If you haven’t done this yet, let me know so I can refer you to one of my preferred lenders.
  • You will need to give me all the specific criteria for the type of property you are looking for...and when new properties are listed that meet your criteria, those listings will be emailed to you.
  • Once you see a property you like, call, text or email me with the MLS numbers, and I will schedule the showings for you to see the inside of the home.

My Responsibilities

  • I will schedule all appointments to view your selected properties.
  • I will advise you as to current market selling prices.
  • I will complete your Offer to Purchase documentation.
  • I will strategize with you, and negotiate your offer with the Sellers agent.
  • I will obtain all necessary signatures upon Offer Acceptance.
  • I will guide you every step of the way, from contract contingencies, to title work, to closing.

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Q - Is it legal for agents to give commission rebates? Is it legal to receive them?

A - The answer is yes, in most states it is legal for agents to give and clients to receive real estate rebates and North Carolina is one of the places it’s allowed.

Q – Can’t you can get a better deal as a buyer if you don't use a real estate agent?

A - That's a completely false premise. If the house is listed with a real estate agent, known as the sellers’ agent, the total sales commission is built into the price. If the buyers don't have an agent, the seller's agent will receive the entire commission. You still pay the same amount and get no rebate.

Q - Is the rebate I receive taxable income, do I get a 1099 for the funds I receive?

A – You must consult your professional tax advisor.

Q - How much will my rebate be?

A - That depends on how much the commission paid to your agent is. Real estate commissions are not fixed and can vary in every transaction.

Q - Do have to sign a contract with you?

A – Yes, when you are buying a home using a licensed real estate agent, under NC Real Estate law, a Buyer’s Agency agreement must be signed prior to writing and submitting an offer on your behalf. Make sure you understand the terms of the agreement and the time frame of the agreement and make sure they are acceptable to you. If they are not you can ask me to amend the terms, or choose not to have me represent you in which case you will not receive the rebate.

Q - What if I don’t like you, Erick?

A - I get it, sometimes people just don’t “click” with the agent, and many times the agent’s feeling is mutual. If this is the case you can contact me and request to terminate our agreements, however, depending on where we are in the process this may or may not be possible. If you already have a home under contract it is too far in to the process to change.

Q - Can I use the Commission Rebate towards my closing costs?

A – If the lender allows the commission rebate to be used towards closing costs then YES it can. If they don’t allow it, then a check will be issued to you after settlement on your home. Also, in order to ensure you receive the correct rebate we need to process the transaction though our office.

Q - What if I already have a Real Estate Agent?

A - If you already have an agent and have signed buyer’s agency agreement or purchase contract then you are too far in to the process in order to use my service.