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Prime Real Estate Solutions is a unique Real Estate Company with an overflow of prospective buyers and sellers. We are currently seeking professional full-time team members who want to work reasonable hours and make more money while having a fulfilling life!

We are a fast growing real estate brokerage and investment firm comprised of “out-of-the-box thinking” real estate professionals. Navigating today's complex real estate market requires knowledge, creativity, experience and enthusiasm. We provide training, coaching and accountability to take your real estate career to the next level.

We provide unparalleled service and expertise specializing in real solutions for our clients. Marketing and selling property in our industry today requires a marketing specialist. Our Team Members gain done-for-you marketing as well as a full suite of tools to promote their listings online and in print.

If you are interested in making and keeping more money while working reasonable hours along with creating a mutually beneficial me at or call me on my direct phone line at 704-774-6381 for a completely confidential conversation.

Current Career Openings

This Is What Prime Real Estate Solutions Can Offer You:

# 1: Strong Leadership:
Vision, support with problem solving leadership...that's who we are and what we provide to all of our Team Members.

#2: Lead Generation:
Team Members will need to prospect, but we assist in generating leads for them as well. We generate lots of leads every month and distribute them to all of our Team members.

#3: Training:
Our Team Members realize the value of staying current in an ever changing real estate industry. The best real estate brokers also understand the value of securing specialized training or securing certain designations for areas of specialization.

#4: Positive Office Attitude and Healthy Environment in the Office:
Team Members want a positive work environment with competent and positive peers. It is easy to see that the offices with the best production and best attitude have brokers with a great attitude.

#5: Mastermind Groups and Networking Opportunities with Other Top Producers:
Many of the best real estate brokers enjoy connecting with other successful real estate brokers. Their needs and approach to the real estate business is different from rookie real estate brokers.

#6: Marketing Support/Tools:
Marketing is the #1 thing that our Team Members need to do to stay in touch with their sphere and past customers. Prime Real Estate Solutions offers unparalleled marketing support and tools to help Team Members grow their careers!

#7: Client/Data Management Tools:
On the topic of marketing to their database, most real estate brokers are not very organized when it comes to managing their data and client info. We offer an easy to use CRM tool that allows you to input their data and locate client data quickly.

#8: Coaching and Accountability:
There are some costly and very successful coaching programs out there with some great results but NONE better than Prime Real Estate Solutions. Our Team’s Coach, Carlton Bell, is a coach with Tom Ferry coaching and many of his coaching members make well over $1M per year in GCI... you could be next!

#9: Administrative Support:
Real estate brokers are working harder, but most are not working smarter. We can help you behind the scenes. We have systems in place that allow you take the “many hats a real estate broker wears” off your plate to give you more balance in your life!

If you want to learn more about being a member of our Team, email me at or call me on my personal phone line at 704-774-6381 for a completely confidential conversation.